What is Google Adwords

Google AdWords is the advertising service of Google which allows you to place ads on search engines and various affiliate websites of Google by paying for them. It is a very easy as well effective way to market your products or services. This platform is perfect for the people who want an instant result and immediate traffic. It eliminates all the hard work that is to be put to organically bring your website in the top results. Google AdWords is very easy to use and not expensive as people tend to think. Google AdWords works under the system of PPC or Pay-per-click, which means you only pay when your ad is clicked.


☆ It gives instant result according to your needs.

☆ AdWords work faster than SEO. SEO and Google AdWords are both search engine marketing strategies to generate more traffic and leads. A well-optimized campaign can work much faster for any business.

☆ Unlike SEO you can focus on multiple keywords at a time.

☆ It is a very easy way to increase brand awareness.

☆ You can reach more customers through their Gmail inbox by running Gmail ads.

☆ Reconnect to your website visitors through Remarketing.

☆ In Google AdWords, you can easily measure your performance and calculate ROI. You can keep a track of every penny used in the ad campaign and conversion through it.

☆ It is very difficult to measure the outcome of traditional advertisements like newspapers, radio, broadcast television, cable television, outdoor billboards, brochures etc.

☆ You can add extensions in your ad like calling us, get directions, etc.

☆ You can see exactly what happened with the campaign like who clicked on the ad, how many leads are generated, how much traffic is derived to your website, how much cost is per lead, etc.

☆ Since visitors have already visited your website, there are more chances of converting them to leads when they see your remarketing ads also.

☆ It is very important in the competitive world because if your competitors are running ads and you are not, your target customers will go into their hands.

☆ It helps to increase leads and customers. It is the best tool for lead generation.

☆ It is a huge and high-quality traffic source.

☆ You can set up a daily budget and it requires the small investment.

☆ The traffic derived from Google AdWords is highly targeted.

☆ You can target your ads locally.