Bing Ads Opens Sign Up For Device Targeting Pilot!

In a recent blogpost Bing Ads announced that they are now giving users more control in setting bid adjustments by device. This will help the advertisers manage their campaigns more effectively across each device type. You will now be able to target tablets separately from PCs with different bid adjustments.
With Expanded Device Targeting advertisers will be able to set individual by adjustments by device type, thus getting more control in audience targeting.
“We are expanding the range to +900% for each device type – PC, Tablet and Mobile, as well as adding the ability to completely opt out (set to -100%) from displaying ads on Tablet and Mobile. With these new controls, you can segment by device to tailor your ad messaging specifically for them. When importing campaigns from AdWords, negative PC bid adjustments will be automatically adjusted to 0%, as it’s not supported in Bing Ads today.”