Why Responsive Web Design is Needed?

The most challenging task before any website is to attract more and more visitors as the number of visitors is what determines the success of a particular website. The visitors are crucial so are the devices that they use. Quite a few years back, the computer was the only medium, people used for surfing the net. But, the situation today has changed drastically. According to a survey conducted recently, 1 in every 5 persons has a smartphone and nearly 90 per cent people use their phone throughout the day. And almost 45 percent of Internet use is through the mobile devices, such as smartphones, IPads, and tablets.

It is quite clear from the above statistics that Smartphone has replaced a computer. And since computer has lost its monopoly, and the website that is developed for computer is not equally fairly visible on the Smartphone, there is an obvious need of making a website that could be compatible to

all the modern devices. A responsive website is not only fairly visible in the modern devices only, it is equally visible in the traditional websites as well. Simply put, it is the website that readily adapts to the screen size it is being viewed.

Responsive Web Design, popularly known as RWD refers to the formatting of web design in such a way that it becomes most suitable for viewing and navigating across a wide range of devices, both the traditional and the modern.

The traditional devices include PCs and the modern devices include smartphones and tablets. The companies offering RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN SERVICES make a responsive website.

Responsive web design apart from being the need of the hour is also advantageous in many ways, such as

The sites of responsive web designs are fluid, that means here the content moves freely and smoothly in all the devices across all screen resolutions. 

SUPERB USER EXPERIENCE: Responsive web design eliminates the need for scrolling or resizing for accessing the website from the users’ favorite device. It provides optimal user experience, no matter whether the users use a desktop, a Smartphone, a tablet or a smart TV. 

COST EFFECTIVE: Since it has eliminated the need of having two separate websites—the one that is compatible with the traditional devices and the another that is compatible with the modern devices, it is quite cost effective, because one website always costs less than the two. 

GOOD FOR SEO: Think of a keyword ranking that is different for different devices. The keyword of your site could have ranked differently if there had been two websites. And most importantly it could puzzle SEO strategists and Google.

Keeping in view the above facts, it is quite essential to convert the existing static sites into responsive design and every new site should be created responsive. In fact, responsive web design is no longer a necessity, but a compulsion.