Best SEO Keyword Tools!

Selecting the right keywords is the foundation of your Search Engine Optimization campaign. A website with great appearance and unique content is a bad investment unless it ranks high on Google SERPs. And it is the rightly chosen keywords that will help your website in scoring higher ranks in the search results.
So, here are the Top  Keyword Selector tools that will help you in identifying potential keywords and analyzing their strength.
Bing Keyword Research Tool gives ideas and suggestions for your content. You just have to sign in for Bing Webmaster Tools to access the Keyword Research Tool. All the keyword suggestions are based on organic search and shows suggestions based on 6 months of historical data.
The enhanced version of old Google Keyword Tool, it will make the selection of initial list of keywords easier for you. The Keyword Planner tool will help in finding keywords and ad groups for targeting PPC campaigns. You just have to Sign into AdWords, click "Tools and Analysis" option in the menu and select "Keyword Planner".

3. Google Keyword Suggest Tool
It is one of the best ways to discover longer and more specific phrases to narrow targetting. The tool keeps running to fetch phrases for every latter of the alphabet. You can select key phrases & move to the next step to generate more phrases for them. The dashboard of all the keywords with different databases from Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon appears.
4. Keyword Discovery Tool
It is one of the most popular keyword selector tools that compile keyword search statistics from major search engines across the world. Keyword Discovery Tool can tell the search phrases people use for finding a product or service. It will also help you in finding the search terms driving traffic to your competitors.
With Keyword Discovery Tool, you can:
  • Optimize website content and meta tags
  • Maximize PPC campaigns
  • Drive traffic away from competitor
5. helps you find out what people are looking for. It generates around 750 suggestions for every keyword. The auto suggestions generated by depends on the particular Google domain and language chosen by you. It uses Google AutoComplete to generate long tail keywords.

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