Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends Ruling India

India being the second largest Internet Population already and Internet Industry growing at the rate of over 20% Year Over Year offers a huge opportunity for those who are planning to get into this industry. With a PM that is supporting the digitization of everything with campaigns such as Digital India and e-governance, improving technologies such as 4G penetrating into market and fact that we are biggest youth population that loves to spend most of their time on internet we can compare this Digital Marketing ERA to be bigger than Computer revolution of Early 90’s and Communication Revolution (Mobiles) in Early 2000’s. In 2015 we are right in the middle of Decade that belongs to Digital Marketing and today we can truly say that market is ripe for those who want to go big in this Industry.

Digital Trends that are going big this year:
1. Mobile Apps in Daily Life: Mobile apps are being used for each and every activity today. All thanks to improved Internet connectivity these days Roti, Kapda, Makaan & Gaadi all can be accessed with a single tap. The latest round of huge fundings provided to grocery apps proves that both corporates and consumers are set to allow these apps to be part of our Daily lives. Moreover these apps provide such an exclusive services & experiences that local vendors never thought of offering before.

2. Marketing Automation:
Its time to say good bye to your favorite CRM software as they are obsolete. The latest name in the game is “Marketing automation”. How its Different From a CRM. Whereas, CRM only focuses on a small part of buyer journey called Purchase & Loyalty Marketing Automation Software enable you to control entire marketing (Awareness, Consideration, Purchase & Loyalty) across different platforms such as website, SMS, Whatapp, Call data & Emails all activity and insights can be integrated together.

All major corporates have already started updating their marketing machineries with Automation and experts in this field are being hired in numbers.

3. Social Conversions and ORM: With the world becoming more transparent & interactive due to advent of social media, Brands can’t ignore the voice & opinions of their customers. Appearance of their favorite movie stars in ads doesn’t impress Prospects today, though a positive story about a brand or a positive product review from their friend online influences their buying behavior directly. Hence, it’s important for brands to make their customers the hero of their social presence and promote the stories around them.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) primarily focuses on managing conversations about a company/brand that are happening online. Responding to queries, Resolving consumer issues and collecting positive stories is the primary KRA’s of a ORM specialist. On the bigger level developing strategies to come out of digital crisis is also that comes under ORM.

Here is how flipkart management the bashing that they got from customers during Last Big Billion Day.

4. Content Marketing: Nobody likes to call & talk to your sales representatives about features of your products, USP’s, Price etc. today. Why? Because before even making a First Call to a business, most of the prospects have completed their 60% of research online. Moreover they believe that sales agent will always deliver biased information.

Hence world wide web(Internet) needs lots and lots of content created around your buyers journey including answers to their FAQ’s, Content that can influence them, content that can encourage them and content that can make you stand out and create trust in your brand.

Writing for web requires you to have a dedicated team of content writers or managers that work together to create & Manage different forms of content such as blogs, E-books, Webinars, Explainer Videos, Testimonials etc. etc.

5. Location Based Advertising : Location based advertising is an advanced level of facebook advertising in which you can target individuals around a specific radius of your store. Generally ads are shown in fb that people use on the go. Such a marketing is boon for local businesses that can’t spend lots on digital marketing budgets.

Imagine a scenario where you are shopping in CP and on you immediately see an ad on your favourite news app “ walk into the store in front of you in next 60 seconds and get 50% off”. Image how much walkins can that Ad create and that ad is only running to mobile app users that are between the distance of 10-20 meters from that shop. Isn’t that crazy.

In the end all I have to say is that digital marketing is a hyper dynamic field and new techniques and trend appear every second day.