Effective Modern Web Designing Strategies

First impressions matter in a big way when it comes to web designing. Unless your website is the only one of its kind (you know that’s not plausible), the users are going to move on. Why would anybody stay on a page that is not promising? People are pressed for time, users insist on getting the most, and getting it fast.

Why are people so laid back when it comes to the design of a website? You know it’s important to your company, why not give it the same amount of thought. Read on for effective website designing tips that will bewitch the users.
  • Crystal images, a polished layout and original content are the key. Think of everything that you find appealing in YOUR favourite website. 
  • Condense the content. Make clever use of ‘call to action’ (CTA) buttons. CTA options are the clickable buttons found on a page that perform and ‘action’ when clicked. 
  • Enhance the ‘findability’ in your website pages. This applies chiefly to sites that have a huge amount of content. Leave breadcrumbs for the users, so they can wade through easily. 
  • You have only seconds to the attract readers; there are a million other sites like yours. Focus on headlines and images, things that draw you to a website. 
  • Place ‘Read more’ links. Short, enticing content followed by an option like this will pull the readers deeper into your website. Read more links also serve to cut down content. 
  • The User controls everything. The design has to be user friendly. Place content and pictures in a way the eye can naturally trace. 
  • Websites need to be updated frequently; the content increases invariably over time. Insert a Search Box on the Home Page. Spice it up, make things smarter. Write phrases like ‘Seek and you shall find’. Users tend to be impatient, a search engine is crucial even for the most basic navigation. 
  • Don’t overlook Image captions. You can choose to play with the font and colour; this will add greater appeal to your website design. 
  • For websites that contain a store, like food ordering sites or online car hire services, it is best to design a multi-step tracking system. Something like ‘Choose- Your details- Payment method- Confirm- Thank you!’ Step by step process to make things simpler for the user. 
  • Every website will need to perform maintenance actions at some point. Something might go wrong, or you might need to renew a portion of the site. At times like these the website will have to go offline for a few moments. What then? You don’t want to turn off potential clients with a 404 Error Page do you? Have an effective maintenance page ready. 

The golden rule is to think like a user. Let your expectations from a good website guide you.

A website is like an extension to the business; and as important to the success of your brand.

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