Why app owners and brands are missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity

Brands are missing out on app traffic, engagement and conversions simply by failing to let content from their apps show up in Google’s organic search results.

The claim follows research by search and content performance company Search metrics which showed that less than a third of iOS and Android apps are able to support Google app indexing (deep linking).

The company studied 100 of the most visible websites in Google US searches and found that 84% offer an Android app. However only 30% of these had implemented support for Google’s app indexing which lets Google index and show relevant pages from their apps in its mobile search results.

When it comes to the 88% of sites in the Search metrics analysis that offered an iOS app only 19% were found to support deep linking.

The results mean that app owners are missing out on a valuable marketing opportunity since once an app owner has enabled Google app indexing a user who has that app installed can be shown pages from it if Google considers the app content relevant to the search query. It then enables them to take users to the page within the app rather than the landing page on a company website.

The study also showed that when analysed by industry online apparel retailers were most likely to allow deep linking to their mobile apps. Of those with an iOS app 32% have enabled app indexing compared to 31% for Android apps.

“Many companies have invested heavily in apps, yet on average 20% of the apps a person installs on their device are only ever opened once,” said Marcus Tober, CTO and founder of Searchmetrics. “App indexing is a fantastic opportunity to maximise the investment in your app – by helping to drive more traffic and interaction and potentially even more conversions,” he said.

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