Twitter Is About To Introduce A Dedicated GIF Button

The “Battle of the GIF”… this is what we will soon be calling it. Sure, GIFs are trendy, GIFs are sexy, and GIFs are starting to be everywhere on social media. Almost every platform now supports them, and yesterday Twitter started testing out a dedicated GIF button on its mobile app, much like the one we already find within Facebook Messenger.

The new feature was first spotted by Phil Pearlman who quickly shared the news on his Twitter account… However, a few minutes after Phil shared the news, the button had disappeared from his app.

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If people aren't seeing it yet twttr is testing way cool gif feature. cc@bluechoochoo

The button is obviously being currently tested among a few users but it could well be officially rolled out to everyone very soon.
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TechCrunch reached out to Twitter and asked about the new feature. The response was quick, short and somehow revealing in the form of… this GIF:
There is no doubt Twitter does not lack of humour, and also little doubt that GIFs will remain at the heart of the platform battle for many months to come.
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And it’s a promising feature, as you can see from what people have already started to share on Twitter:

Have you seen the GIF button on your Twitter app yet?

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